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Phillip Carpenter
615 873 0891
Seattle, WA

Students asking about classes:

My classes tend to fill immediately so I keep my own waiting list to keep it fair for those wishing to get into a class. Email me at to be put on the wait list or to inquire about a class.

The wait list process:

The following is the email that I usually send out in response to people asking for these full classes. Hopefully it will give you some insight to the process that I use to fill the seats.

"I'm sorry but I'm not able to admit anyone else to the class at this time. This class is one of the most popular on campus and because of this I have to create a waiting list each quarter as it fills immediately. I'll put you on the waiting list and let you know if anything changes. I typically work my way down the list in the order of requests that I've previously received, if spots open up. You are #__ on the waiting list after the next person to take the next available spot once a seat opens. After initial registration fills the seats in the class, I have the class converted to "register with instructor approval" so that I can manage the waiting list at that time if seats become available. You will be notified if your place in line comes up. Sometimes there will be open seats in the class that appear vacant online until I am able to go through the process of going down the waiting list and contacting those people, and then contacting advising for a registration code. I will fill open spots in the class as they become available and offer them in the order of people who have emailed me to be put on the waiting list. I usually don't have more than 5 people drop a class after registration, if even that number, and sometimes no drops at all before the start of the quarter. For future reference, this is a class you either need to register for absolutely immediately upon ability to register, or email me well in advance of registration of even a future quarter to get on the waiting list for a future class. If you've emailed me about it in a previous quarter then let me know and I'll verify your previous email message to me and move you up to the front of the list if that is the case. Good luck and thanks again for your email. I'll put you on the list. Thank you and best wishes, - Phillip"

Classes that I usually teach throughout the year:
BIS132 - Intro to Photography
BISIA250 - Photography as Art
BISIA450 - Image & Imagination (usually just in the Spring)

Intro to Photography (BIS132) is particularly in demand every single quarter with the waiting list often reaching 50 students in line after the 24 seats have been initially filled through normal registration so it's important that you inquire early, even well before registration begins.

The 100% Remote/Asynchronous version of BIS132 is by far the most popular. It is not uncommon for the wait list to reach 50 students in line as well.

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