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Phillip Carpenter
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615 873 0891
Seattle, WA

Please note that BIS132 Intro to Photography fills nearly immediately once registration opens every quarter that it is offered. I cannot accept any more students for the upcoming quarter if the class is already full. Make sure that you prepare ahead of time for registration in future quarters by knowing what date and what time registration begins so that you can have the best chance to secure a spot. You must register immediately once registration opens. Plan ahead and get up early to register on the first day of registration which usually begins at 6am. If the class is currently filled for the upcoming quarter, the best thing you can do is to sign up for "Seat Availability Notifications" for the course in UWB MyPlan and be sure to turn on text message notifications. If you receive a notification for an available seat you must register immediately or it will be gone in no time. This class fills so quickly, in a matter of hours or even less. – Best of Luck!!

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